Dont find Register Images button to check-in all images at once

Register Images button to check-in all images at once.

I’m testing Fotomoto for selling photos.
Can’t find a button to register all photos in an album?

is there a tutorial or best practice regarding image sizes and ppi for FotoMoto


I’m not finding the the Register Images button either. It should be at the bottom of the album grid when you’re also logged into Backlight.
@Matthew will need to check on that.

As far as what you upload to your site for display, image size doesn’t matter.

What matters is what Fotomoto requires for the size of images that you’re selling.Go to the Fotomoto site for those details. Here’s their guidance: Fototmoto Support

I haven’t pre-registered any images in my prints for sale album. When I do get a sale, I get an email from Fotomoto with the details about image and size. I then upload as needed.

Fotomoto should still work, even without the check-in button. This hasn’t changed in ages; if it’s not working, I am unlikely to fix it.

I plan to overhaul our Fotomoto implementation as a part of the Kookaburra roadmap, and then retrofit Pangolin with those changes. As this work is upcoming, it would be a waste of my time to spend it on Pangolin’s current Fotomoto implementation.

No big deal. Works well for single images. expect to try fotomoto on a new site.

I also plan to set up a chart so that I can process and print the images myself, so that I can control the whole process.

Do you expect to put both fotomoto and chart into Kookaburra?

I haven’t fully understood what is better for me in Kookaburra, but I think there is a future solution for both sales possibilities.


See Matt’s road map for Kookaburra.