Kookaburra settings

I’m testing a page template in Kookaburra and I’m trying to work out where different values are set as they were in Pangolin. There used to be an optional Google fonts statement in Pangolin that I cannot locate a field for in Kookaburra - it was at th etop of the Typography section. I like to use Raleway as my font.
Is there by any chance a mapping of where Pangolin parameters are set and where they are now i or will be in Kookaburra.
Just a test page at present and not visible as I’m trying to work oiut what works.

I don’t see Google Fonts specifically mentioned in the Kookaburra roadmap but I wouldn’t be surprised if the option is added in the future.

Not all things in Pangolin will be found in Kookaburra.

Thanks Rod,
I had read the roadmap on release and I understand it is WIP. I’m trying to get my head around some of the terminology and even though it is not a 1:1 mapping to Pangolin I’m trying to understand what survives, what has or will be culled, and what has morphed into some other place or grouping if that makes sense?
For example, where does one control the font colour in the Footer? I don’t seem to be able to find it. The Running Head section has a formatting colour for title but where is the control for footer text. I’ll keep ferreting around in case I stumble on it.
The built by Backlight logo is something I cannot locate so this must be a WIP thing.
I’m still working out how to control colour and text on a page. I’ve not tried to use images yet but I notice that in some of the text around a control it refers to essay so I’m assuming that Pangolin Essay might have been a starting point for template production. I do like Pangolin Essay - one of the best things to come out of BL4.

I don’t see that control either so I’m guessing it may be on the way or may be added based on user feedback.

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