Upgrade 1.2.3 -> 5.0.4 - Something went wrong

Hi all,
Just updated from Backlight 1.2.3 to 5.0.4 (I was still using the Opaki modules…).
I followed the instructions on the Upgrading section of the documentation (moved aside everything from within backlight/ EXCEPT backlight/custom backlight/data) and proceeded with the installation (.htaccess also uploaded). Visited all the menus, updated the album files, cleared the Template cache. All went well :slightly_smiling_face:
I however have a “Something went wrong - Unable to find index page” message when I visit the website… Any suggestions on what I should do next to get the website working again?
Thanks a lot for your help

Try re-uploading the index.php file

Thanks - I did but didn’t solve the issue…

Did you happen to have an album embedded in the home page?
If so, remove it for now.

If you had a Theater Vegas slide show or a Galleria slide show you would probably need to create a new one using the latest versions of those add-ons.

This could be due to a couple of reasons: that your home page needs Okapi Modules, or that you don’t have a page flagged as being your index page.

To install the Okapi modules:

  1. Log into Backlight
  2. Visit Admin > Backlight Modules
  3. Find the entry for Okapi Web Modules
  4. Click on Install All
  5. Click Install

If your home page still doesn’t load, then check that you have a page flagged as being the Index page:

  1. Visit Designer > Pages
  2. Click on the name of the page you want to use for your home page (e.g. Home)
  3. Click Edit Properties
  4. Change Index Page to ‘yes’
  5. Click ‘Save’

Thank you both four your help - there was indeed a problem with the home page.
Now it’s kind of working :slight_smile:

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Great. Hopefully you can get it more than “kind of working” soon, and then please, please migrate off of the Okapi modules. I would strongly consider jumping straight to Kookaburra, if you don’t need CRG or Cart support.

Sure, I’m using Pangolin already, but as you suggest I’ll switch to Kooraburra. Thanks

Hi, the update to Kookaburra went smoothly except for the search engine.
No matter what I type in the search field I have the following error:

Something went wrong
Unexpected error: Undefined offset: 0 in SearchAlbumWrapper.php on line 59
Please report error at https://discourse.theturninggate.net

Any advise on how to solve this?
Also, the masonry display is not available on Kookaburra?

Masonry is only available in Pangolin album

If your search template is an Okapi album template, try changing to a Pangolin or Kookaburra album template. (Settings> Search> Search Template)

Regarding that error, I have put in a silent fix to address this. Can you visit the Backlight Modules, and click Reinstall for the module-publisher?

Anything jQuery dependent will not be in Kookaburra, which includes the Masonry and Justified grid layouts. Later in the roadmap, I’d like to look for alternative libraries, or possibly write my own implementations in pure JS, but there’s a lot that needs to be done first.

Brilliant! its now working - thanks a lot!

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Ok thanks for the info. Will be indeed nice to have an alternative.
Anyway… keep on with the incredible work!

Thanks. We’re making steady progress, and I’m very happy with Kookaburra so far. Here’s a brief introduction to what it’s all about, in case you haven’t seen it:

Also, there’s a roadmap for development.