2 copy areas (above and under album)

Hi Backlight-Design-Experts,
I have a question and couldn’t find anything about it in the documentation,
so I hope you can give me some Input about that!?
My Question:
Is it very complicated to have some text above and some additional page copy under the album?

In my new site I would like to have a little introduction to the art work followed by the album,
and if possible, I would like to have the “about the art work” page under the album, -> addressable using an anchor would be nicest.

  1. Is it possible to divide up the page copy in 2 areas (in the page or page-template?)
  2. Is it possible to set an anchor to the beginning of that area under my album?

If its to complicate, I make up a second page… but I thought it could be cool.

Got just the thing for you. It will require a little jQuery via phplugins and writing your text in html:

Wow… you are very fast. :slight_smile:
jQuery hmm… so it’s not a Backlight-standard-thing to do…
I will read and decide If this is within my range of possibilities…
thank you Rod…

Nope, not a standard Backlight thing.
It’s not too difficult, especially if your even slightly familiar with writing in html.

I have PHPlugins already in use for that menu-feature.
Does it mean that I can jump to the next step?

sure, just at that scripts function to your file.

Or, if you’re already using the scripts function, just add the script itself inside the existing scripts function.

I insert the new script (red) in my phplugin right?


It is definitely working! I am very happy!
thank you very much Rod. :white_check_mark: