2 Questions - Photo downloads, Instagram

I have 2 questions. On my site, I store high-resolution images for purchase to download. My server storage is being eaten up by 2 directories - Photos for Purchase, and Photos for Downloads. They each have the same images in them, which is a huge waste of space. Do I have something configured wrong in the Cart or System Settings?

The second question is that I cannot seem to add the link to Instagram on my site. My Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are fine. Is there something on the system that I need to try. I found another couple of posts from someone else who had the same issue, but it was resolved on theirs.

As always, thanks in advance.

If the only downloads you’re making available are those for purchase, then you can disable downloads in the album template > Advanced Setup > Downloads. You don’t need need that feature enabled if you also have hi-res images in Photos for Purchase.

Can you post a link to the site?
How are you trying to add the link? Is it a link to your Instagram page or are you trying to add a sharing link?

Thank you for the download issue. I’ll get on that.

I’m trying to get the sharing link to work.

Are you referring to these sharing links?



Yes sir!

Those only include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Instagram is not included.

Ok… I thought I saw something on here before where someone else was working on that.


Images cannot be shared to Instagram. You have to post them via the app. Meaning you should be posting your own images to your own account. No one shares found images from the web to their Instagram profile; that’s just now how Instagram works, nor is that the point of it.

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