2FA - Google authentication

I’d like to use two factor authentication for admin secure access to the admin pages. I do know where I can enable this within the admin pages but there’s no verification code or QR-code to scan to link this to Google Authenticator. Or am I missing something?
I’ve searched the Docs but couldn’t find any info about this other than it is an option one could use.

Maybe someone can help me out?
Would be appreciated.

When 2FA is enabled, the next time you log in you’ll be asked for your 2FA code. On that page is a link asking whether you need to set up 2FA. Clicking that link will step you through the process.

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Thanks Ben for the quick respons.
Have it setup just now.

Thanks again!

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That’s great. I don’t thing Google Authenticator is used very often in Backlight. It provides extra peace-of-mind.

Especially when you host the website on your own NAS. I do appreciate the extra security.

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