3D Imaging Viewer

This is a bit new to me so bare with me.

My drone produces a 3D jpg image this viewer shows in 3D. It requires the large full file size. I prepared a folder with an image full size. I then downloaded it successfully displayed in viewer.

The viewer has html documentation on how to incorporated it into websites. All I need is the full address of the image. I don’t know how to find this in Backlight.

How are you uploading the image? In an album or via the Backlight uploader (Designer>Templates>Uploaded images)

I did both publisher and designer. Publisher actually worked. All I need is the image address where full image is stored.

then they should be at a url like this:


Not working.

What you said was correct. The image was found in the link. If I simply download image and load it in the viewer it works. But giving the link to a step in the viewer process indicates something wrong.

I think I might just abandon project.

Thanks for your assistance.

Looks like access to the image is being blocked by the CORS policy, which prevents hot-linking of your images from other websites. This is for your protection.

You might be able to get around this by uploading the image into a folder outside of Backlight. If that doesn’t work, then you should host your image elsewhere.