404 Error When Saving Backlight Settings

I am redirected to my 404 error page whenever I try to save any changes made in Backlight Settings and no changes are saved when I go back into Backlight Settings.

Have ensured all modules up to date (have reinstalled all as a precaution) and cleared cache.


what version of php is your host providing?

Hi Rod,
PHP version: 8.1.16

Are you getting any error messages, or just the redirect to 404?

I remember some saving errors when a page template is being used for a WordPress theme template. The problem then was that the WordPress url in Backlight settings was wrong.
But that was throwing an error, not redirecting to a 404.

No error messages just a redirect, if I hit back on the browser it returns to Backlight’s Settings edit page with edit required still in place requiring save.

@Ben will need to take a look

Ok thanks, will check back later :slight_smile:

Have you by chance enabled any caching or cloud service on your web hosting? That can interfere with the dynamic nature of the Backlight admin.

Can you provide me with the URL and a Backlight admin login? The best way to do so is by clicking on my name followed by ‘Message’.

Thanks for the FTP access. Something strange is happening on your server, and I can’t work out what it is. For some reason, some of the URLs that forms submit to are being intercepted by Home - Wanted Images instead of by Backlight
yet those same URLs when loading to view the form are being correctly loaded from Backlight

Can you ask your host whether they’ve altered anything regarding URL rewriting or have any security layer that could be sending requests to the wrong file?

As soon as you mentioned redirection my mind went straight to a Wordpress breach I had back in May this year. Somehow code was injected into /public_html/index.php This was all restored from backup but perhaps there is still some other code elsewhere causing the redirect (image attached hopefully) I’ll review all files to see if there are others obviously impacted and see what I can find…


You can just paste images into a post.

I have yet to find any odd files across my site that may be causing the redirection to the 404 error page, interestingly the error doesn’t occur when editing the Client Response - List Settings, only occurs when editing Admin - List Settings. I am at a loss :man_shrugging:

*** Finally resolved, the issue turned out to be a server setting where the host turned off modsec (security controls) for my account :ok_hand: :smiley:

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That’s great to hear. A tough one to work out.