404 Not Found Error Returning to Home page from Galleries

I am a new Backlight user. I have installed latest version BL 5 on Blue Host server running PHP 7.4.33. Test website has 3 pages: Home, Galleries, Contact. Menu navigation works as expected except when attempting to return to Home or navigate to Contacts from any of the Gallery | Album Set | Album pages. When attempting to navigate from Gallery to Home or Contact I get a 404 Not Found Error.

I am not familiar with PHP services, but I note that when displaying my Home page the browsers reports the URL as host_server/?page=home. However, when displaying a Gallery page, the browser reports the URL as host_server/galleries. Further, when using the Home menu selection to return to the Home page I note that the browser is trying to navigate to host_server/home, so the syntax for the Home page is not correctly formed.

Additional information: the Galleria module is installed.

when installing Backlight, there are two files and two folders in the unzipped installation folder:


did you install all four of these in the root of the site?

Thanks Rod, That fixed it. I did miss .htaccess when I uploaded the installation files.