A session had already been started

I discovered this error tonight on my site https://did-parcollet.photo/

Something went wrong

Unexpected error: A session had already been started - ignoring session_start() in AuthHelper.php on line 148

Please report error at https://discourse.theturninggate.net

Thanks for help

Is your installation of Backlight up to date?

Hi Rod, yes it is

Something is starting a PHP session before Backlight is. Are you running Wordpress, or using PHPlugins or running any other PHP via .htaccess or some other mechanism?

thank you very much Ben, I’ll be looking in that direction over the weekend. I will come back to give information.

Thanks Ben, that was it, I made some changes and it works. Thank you and have a good weekend.

I’m glad it’s fixed. What changes did you make?

I had a .htaccess and ran an index.php, I deleted the two and it was ok, and finally I decided to change my index page to simplify it. Thanks again.