About Page CSS Help

I’m having trouble getting my About page set up. I’ve been using the info from Rod’s “Including inline images in Backlight Copy areas” page. I had trouble getting the image to appear, but using this CSS it now shows the image.
<style=“width:400px;” class=“alignleft” />
I’m now trying to get the image to align to the left of my text, and reduced in size.

Not sure how to precede or where my error is.


Okay, this is what I’m seeing in your page, and it’s not right:

  <img src="/backlight/custom/img/Patina.jpg">
  <style="width:400px;" class="alignleft;"></style="width:400px;">

I imagine you’re probably intending something more like:

  <img class="alignleft" src="/backlight/custom/img/Patina.jpg" style="max-width: 400px;" />
  Blah, blah, blah.
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And that’ll give you this:


Thank you so much, I’ve been struggling with this all day.