Activating old Gallery / Stage / Auto Index LR web engines

I originally purchased and upgraded these 3 plugins. I have several older galleries that I would like to edit, but I can no longer install these plug-ins in an older version of Lightroom. The license button that is included in each plug-in is no longer valid. So the plug-ins cannot be licensed.

I still get email from turning gate to buy their latest, but I’m not really interested. So how can I contact the original vendor, as there’s no contact link on his website? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That License button, to the best of my recollection, went to a license information page that just spelled out the limit of the license (those plug-ins were retired long ago and the support site for them no longer exists). There never was a licensing code you had to enter for the plugins.
You should be able to just use them.
CE4 Gallery also has a check box to acknowledge your agreement to HIghslide licensing. There’s also a button, but that link is dead too.

I wouldn’t worry about it. If you were using the TTG plugins in the past you can still use them now.

For as long as the plugins still work at all in Lightroom, you can use them. We don’t support them any longer, and have pushed our product line and feature set ahead several years, as you’ve seen in our newsletters.

As for licensing, don’t give them other people, use them for your own websites only (meaning, not to build sites for other people), and you should be good.

I don’t know what’s up with Highslide JS licensing, but that library hasn’t been maintained or supported for several years now, so probably not anything you should concern yourself with.

We do appreciate your attempt at finding the licensing information, though. Thank you for your consideration.