Adding code to <head></head> -area

In Germany we need a cookie notice concent tool on each webpage.
I created with a tool this code.
This must be added in the ---- area.
Somehow this should work with the phplugins.
I enabled this already, but can somebody tell me how to add this to my own “my-phplugins” file?
Thanks in advance

have you seen the documentation and the sample functions? Those should be a good guide

Backlight does have a built in Cookie consent notice, but I believe it appears on the first page a visitor lands on. Upon consent it won’t show up on any additional pages visited.

Hi Rob (long time no speak :slight_smile: ),
Yes, I saw the cookie consent integrated in backlight.
BUt this ain’t sufficient her :frowning:We must offer our visitors the posibility to choose which cookies to accept.
For example one can refuse to accept cookies for google analytics.
(See this example I made:

BUt anyway I have the ready code for this.
I just not find in your examples how to implement it.
I found this in your file: "

  • head
  •  - return value ignored
  •  - called immediately before </head>
  •  - encompasses nothing; use to insert content into the <head>

But how to do this?
Maybe you can just give me one example of how to embed some code in this.
Then I can trigger out how to do it :slight_smile:
Have a great day

There are several examples in the phplugins-pangolin-sample.php file found in /backlight/custom/phplugins/ folder of the Backlight download. Look in the User Functions section of that file.
But basically:

function head() {
....your code...

I start with the sample file, edit it and save it with a new name. Then upload it to /backlight/custom/phplugins/ folder on the server.
Be sure to enable it in your page template.

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Did you read our documentation about cookies?

And we do allow visitors to opt out of Google Analytics; that’s a built-in feature. Backlight has some few essential cookies that you will not be able to disable.

Thanks a lot.
This helps :slight_smile:
Didn’t know about the google opt-in (seems I am not familiar with the names and so on).
I not read all, I mustadmit :frowning:BUt I don’t understand all anyway :frowning:
Anyway: thanks