Album order (drag and drop)

I can drag and drop the order of albums within a set, but it doesn’t stick. I tried changing the setting to to ‘custom order’ then i tried changing advanced to ‘managed by backlight’ (i originally uploaded from lightroom)
If i drag the third album to the middle under publisher it moves there, but doesn’t show up on the site.
How do i change the album order under custom?

Hi. Did you press the “Save Photo Order” button after making the changes?

it is an album order i am trying to rearrange, not a photo. so there is no save photo order button to press.
i’m viewing an album set .

Then did you click the “Save Album Order” button?

there it is. it was gray and i didn’t see it turn light blue. that fixed it. thanks.

I’ve been wanting to give that button more color for a while. Slipped my mind for the last update, but hopefully the next one. I have it written down on my to-do list.