Album Page Not Working


I manage to setup our account until publishing an Album. After a couple of tests I got it to work but this morning when I checked the album page it only shows a list of buttons of our website. I set this up with client response add-on. Need help please.

Here’s the webpage:

The links on your page are going to a WordPress 404 Page not Found page.

It looks like you’ve installed Backlight in the folder:

It also appears that you did a full install, that is, an installation that assumes Backlight will be the basis of the site. That is why I’m seeing a Backlight page here:

I’m really not sure how this setup works inside of a WordPress installation, and it may be the cause of the problem you’re seeing.

Usually, people using WordPress for the site but Backlight for their galleries will install the backlight/ and galleries/ folder in the root of the site (but only the backlight/ and galleries/ folders, not the index.php or .htaccess files), rather than a sub-folder of the site. But I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in a sub-folder.

Here’s my guess:

So one problem may be that the index.php and .htaccess files in the root of the unzipped Backlight-installer folder have been uploaded to your lightroomapp/ folder. Try removing them.

Also check that the Site URL in Backlight Settings reflects your Backlight installation. Since Backlight is not installed in the root of the site, try using as the Site URL.

Hi rod_barbee,

Thanks for responding. Do you suggest we uninstall backlight from where it is right now and reinstall it to the root of the site?

That’s how I would do it. Since your main site is based on WordPress, don’t install the index.php and the .htaccess files from the root of unzipped folder.

Hi, our developer said that there is an existing index.php file in the root folder related to wordpress and is very much required and can’t be overwritten. What action would you take to move this forward? Thank you.

Leave the index.php and .htaccess files there that belong to Wordpress

Thanks Ben. So install the software without the index.php and .htaccess files?

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Hi @johng, that’s right.

Will try that Ben. Thank you.