Album Photos not indexing on Google

Hi All,

I don’t think Google is indexing my Album photos. I can’t find them using the normal search. More importantly, when I enter site: and click on images, I don’t see a single image from the published albums.

Any ideas?

I just looked at several albums. They all look fine. Pictures are showing

Hi Rod,

Do you mean when you enter “site: www.bretculp” in google and click on images you see a long list of album photos? I don’t see a single image from the Albums. And I know they used to show up.

No, I followed the link above to your site

Ok. What I’ve discovered is that if I type site: and select images while logged in to Google I see no images from the albums. If I log out I can see them all. Does that make sense to anybody? Why would this be happening?

Actually, the photos no longer appear, even when signed out. I’m not sure what is happening.

I tried through Google and images showed, whether on the search page or going to the site. Logged in and logged out of Google.

I tried from Chrome for iOS and Safari

Thanks, Rod. It looks like they are indexed but they way Google is presenting, or not presenting, the results is perplexing. For example, the exact same search queries look different for my wife on her laptop or phone and it’s different for me depending on if I’m logged in or not and which browser I’m using. So strange, but that’s Google.

Go to and then to the Images tab. Enter “” and it will list the images Google has indexed.

You can also verify what has been indexed at (that requires you’ve setup your site with Google.

I could help you more with specific questions. What is “perplexing” about the results?

That’s normal, to be expected. Google uses several things to “personalize” your search results. I can explain more about all that but it’s a bit off topic.

What are you trying to do, and what do you think isn’t working?

A better question might be, what do you want to happen?

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