Album re-design, the slideshow

On the site, I have this slideshow.
On this site,, I copied all the settings from the above-mentioned site’s Backlight settings.
The slide show appears, but way too big and the positioning should be centered.

I’m not seeing any differences in the size of the slide show.

How can that be? On my box, the slideshow images are so big they spill outside the bottom of the page! And on the mobile, they are big, but in this case, they look good.
I cleared all caches, shut down and restarted to the same result.

The looked the same on my desktop. On my iPad, one is larger than the other.
I’ll look again on my desktop with different browsers

Just noticed something: I set the layout and all other settings using this to 1280px. It used to be, in the original version, set at 1440px wide. Could the smaller max-width have a bearing on how the background images display?

Just checked again and changing the max-width does not change anything. I must have don some changes in the inspector and when I refreshed…bam, it’s back to normal.

Do you mean the slide show?

It looks like the page templates for those two albums might be using different mobile breakpoints

That may very well be because they are using a different CSS. When I designed the first version ( back in 2018, I used a specific CSS to control the slide show.
Now, in the re-design, I lifted that CSS and applied it to the updated version ( and it works fine except that now, I lost the language switch design.

So all that’s left to do is find that switch!