Album removal

I want to remove an album from gallery page. I cannot seem to find how that works. My goal is to eliminate the menu set and have a 3 column page for the albums when you click on Galleries. But when I show galleries, all my albums show up including those I do not want. Any suggestions?

If you created the album from Lightroom, you can delete it from Lightroom Publisher.

If you made it with Backlight Publisher, then delete it there.
In Backlight, go to Publisher. Click on the top level set that contains the album and then the individual album set containing the album.
Click on the album. You should see a delete button among a few other buttons.

Well, I think I found a way to do what I want. However, My website will not come up and I cannot log in to Backlight. Did I screw something up?

What did you do?

I am not sure Rod. I was denied access, then I got a white List notice from GoDaddy, and now I am back on line strugging with my galleries and albums.

Can I remove albums from my gallery page without deleting the albums?

Also change the color of the heading as well as make the album images larger?

Yes. Hide them from the album set.
Edit the album and look under the Privacy tab

Yes to both.
The thumbnail size in the albums relies on a couple of things: the number of columns being displayed, and the area in which they are being displayed (gallery max-width). Both controls are in the Thumbnail Grid section of the album template.

The more columns, the smaller the thumbnails. If you set the gallery max-width to, say, 1000px and at that size you’ve set 5 columns, the max width of a horizontal thumbnail can only be a little under 200px (accounting for margins and padding)

If you increase the gallery max-width to 2000px, then you can get 400px wide thumbnails. Keep in mind that you’d need to publish thumbnails that large, otherwise you’ll get quality loss.

For the Heading color. You can change that globally in the Page template, under Typography > Headings Font Properties
If you want to change it only in albums or only in certain albums, then you’d need custom css or use HTML and inline styling when writing the heading.