Album set assignment

Working on updating some of my albums to use the new Hero image. I would prefer not to make a blanket change to large numbers of albums as that could cause trouble. The Backlight Designer List Templates nicely lists which albums and album sets I have used in my site. For example, I have an album template called, JRH Pangolin Standard Album Template, and it is used 358 times. I also have one called, JRH Pangolin Standard Hero Album Template, used once.

I cannot seem to find in Backlight which album is the one using my new hero template. Something I missed? If not, short of diving through each LR collection, anyone have a suggestion.

in Backlight Publisher, click on Albums. you’ll see a list of albums for the corresponding top-level gallery folder.
In that list, look under the Template column for your Hero template. You should be able to use the column sorting feature to get them all displayed together.

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Until now, I have not spent much time in the publisher tab as I do virtually everything in LR. Indeed, found lots of useful stuff here.
Thank you.