Album set duplication


I tried to create a new album set, but it created five copy of it.
in the example, you can see that with “test” album set. Previously, I had the same problem with “Rollathlon100 2022” album set in the same galleries set, and with “HeroFestival 2022” at Evénements - Did Parcollet Photographie

Thanks for your help.

Is Backlight up to date?
If you are using Lightroom, is the TTG Publisher plugin up to date?

yes for all, and I use LR

I’m not seeing any duplicate album sets on the page you linked to.

it’s normal because I deleted them

I created it (one) again, now you can see them… five

Can you keep them there until @Ben has a chance to look. He’ll probably need access to Backlight and the database. You can save time by clicking on his name and sending him admin credentials in a private message.

Maybe it is time to upgrade to Backlight 4?

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Thanks Rod, I did that.

Thanks Daniel,
but if I decide to do upgrade, I prefer to do it from a healthy and functional situation…

Apart of new features, one reason to upgrade is to get the latest bug fixes. Maybe that’s an issue that was already addressed with Bl4. Maybe something in your environment changed, such as a different PHP version.

As far as I remember, Bl3 is not officially supported anymore.

Hi @Did, I’ve replied to your message to ask whether I can create a test album and for FTP access, if possible.

One thing of note is that the LR Publisher plugin is set to make 5 attempts to perform an action if the server returns that the action has failed. I suspect that your Backlight is returning an error of some kind but that the error has occurred after the album has been created. Publisher then attempts the call again for a total of five times.

I’ll have a better idea if you’re able to confirm that I can create a test album on your server.

Hi Ben,

I sent you the information, and sure you can create an album.

Thanks for your spending time

Hi @Did, I’ve found and fixed the problem (a corrupted database file). Please check your messages.