Album thumbnail grid

In the thumbnails are laid out in the masonry style and are fairly large. I copied all settings from this page and the CSS code also and pasted these in the corresponding areas of the new site, but I get this small thumbnail area:

What am I missing here?

This is because of the width:50%; you have set for the slide show:

It affects all galleries

You can make that slide show css more specific by adding a template id tag to the body, that way, only albums using the slide show template will have the gallery width restricted.

Fixed, sort of, the slide show by adding the specific tab: .album-template-identifier-artwork

However, I now “lost” the album thumbnails! I am now commenting out lines in the CSS , trying to find these elusive thumbnails.

SOLVED! By commenting out selectively the CSS lines, I isolated that part of the code that seems to affect the Album-set and Album thumbnails. Back in business…for now!
Thank you Rod.