Albums not showing

I was just uploading a new album and I went to check on it and I got an error page.
Here is the link
I’m not sure what is going on? I hope someone might have an idea.


Also this is CE4 Publisher and website.

could be that your host has updated the php version to one that CE4 is not compatible with.
Can you find out what version they’re using? If they’ve updated, see if you can go back to earlier versions. like 5.6.

I also suspect that your CE 4 plugins are not the latest versions. The page you link to was made with CE4 Autoindex 7.0.5. The last version was 7.0.8.
I seem to remember something about “SimpleHTMLTag.php”, which is mentioned in that error. I think an update fixed something related to that, but it’s been few years.

I’ve got a list of what I believe were the final versions at the bottom of the sidebar on this site:

It looks like you’ve got this fixed. Can you share what the solution was? It may help other users.

It was the php my service provider must have changed it when I downgraded my plan.

I also want to know the solution.

Probably the same solution: revert to an earlier version of php on your site.
But it’s hard to tell without more details from you.