Albums without Top Gallery?

Hey Guys,
I programmed my main site with a web text editor. I’m pretty good at HTML & CSS, but not experienced at all in PHP and other advanced programming languages. I use Backlight with Lightroom Publisher to handle my Gallery Albums for client purchasing.
Question: Is it possible to set up and load ‘Albums’ from Lightroom Publisher without having to use the Backlight ‘Top Gallery’ page as it seems to default to?
As in, eliminate that level of the gallery tree, so in can insert my own ‘Top Level’ page design.
I want to do a more customized page with pics, links, and such, for my Store Entry page, and then link to the LR Published Albums, without the Backlight ‘Top Gallery’ in the mix.
Can this be bypassed or eliminated from the tree? From LR maybe?


  • Sol

No. But you can customize a Backlight top-level gallery page, add images, links, etc. The page copy area will take html.

Hey Rod, thanks for the reply.
So, you’re saying that I can essentially create a complete page, with html, hyperlinks, including image links within my site, all from within my text editor and simply copy it all into the ‘Page Copy’ area and it will look as it was designed in the text editor?

You can put whatever html you like in the copy area. The rest of the page will show the Galleries album set contents.

There’s even a TTG responsive grid you can use for layout

You can also opt to exclude the Galleries page from your site navigation and breadcrumbs, and just build your navigation to include albums, or your customized page.

Or use PHPlugins to remove whatever page content on the Galleries page, and replace it with your own.

You have lots of options for how you want to set up your site, without having to hack Backlight’s structure.