American Disabilities Act

I just heard a discussion of the ADA act and how websites are now required to comply. After doing some research on line, it looks like almost all sites are covered by this law. According to what I have found, there are many lawsuits being filed against all kinds of websites (not just big corporations).

Does Backlight 4 and Backlight 3 comply with the ADA laws?

Thanks in advance.


Reading this, I think much of compliance falls into the users hands. For example selecting colors with high enough contrast, providing metadata for images to ensure the alt tag is useful, nesting headings in content, styling links, etc.

Using Lighthouse (a tool available in Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome, Brave, etc.), my personal site scores an 83/100 for Accessibility. I’m getting dinged for low-contrast text, so that’s something I can fix easily. So I think not too bad there.

Things I can probably check into in the short term are viewport scaling and text-zooming, and maybe I can improve Backlight to better support those aspects.

Site maps are not supported out of the box, but I’ve already discussed that here, and I encourage you to implement a site map on your own. It’s not difficult.

Backlight does not support a “Skip navigation” link, but you could add it using PHPlugins.

Focus indicators are not good Backlight. In part because regulations did not exist for this when a lot of it was built, and because users complained out the outlines appearing on clicked things, so we removed them.

And Backlight sites are probably not fully keyboard navigable.

To address some of this, I would need to create new modules from scratch, as it would be far too difficult to retrofit Pangolin to 100% align with ADA guidelines. And we’d probably lose a lot along the way, which would be an unacceptable disruption to existing websites.

I am interested in creating new, updated modules – and have experimented with some ideas very recently – but it’s a large time investment, and would mean having to pause on development with more short-term impact.

Matthew - thank you for your quick response. I’ll see what I can do on my end.

Here’s a good tool for checking your contrast:

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Thanks Matthew - I scored 87%