Another Publishing Service Via TTG Publisher

Several years ago I created a website for my wife using "Create another Publishing Service via TTG Publisher ( The site is working fine and I periodically update it with no problems.
I have two issues now:

  1. I cannot log into her Backlight Admin Account because I lost the login and/or password. Is
    there a way for me to get into it ?

  2. I plan to upgrade my site ( to Backlight 5. When I upgrade my site will her
    site be upgraded as well? Since I can’t get into her admin site I can’t check her current
    Help would be appreciated.

here’s the instructions to retrieve lost passwords

If you’re using your Backlight license to create her site, then hers should be able to upgrade as well (same order email address and order number). Otherwise, her site upgrade would be separate.

OK, thanks. Yes she is using my license. I’ll just upgrade and go from there. I’ll deal with accessing her backlight Admin page later. I have no idea what I used as an ID and/or password. Everything I tried doesn’t work. I can get into my backlight fine.

Thanks again. I will probably be back.


The primary user ID is always “admin”, so you can just use the document Rod provided above to find the admin login password.

Thank you guys very much. I finally got it. Not sure what I was doing wrong. I think when I copy and pasted from my password manager I must have missed something. I insert the password directly and I can access both sites now and my password manager is working too.
Great service for a great product. These senior moments are getting more frequent unfortunately. Will purchase Version 5 tomorrow.

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