Anyone running BL3 on LiteSpeed (not Apache)

So having trouble to find any Web-hosting with both Apache and SQLite i.e. most promoting MySQL. I’ve found a few that are running LiteSpeed instead of Apache for performance reasons. It is supposed to be an Apache Drop-In replacement i.e. same functionality and supposed to be seamless however there are some bugs/features in Apache that does not work entirely the same in LiteSpeed.
So basically anyone running BL3 on top of LiteSpeed?

Just found an old post on the old support forum where someone tested running BL on LiteSpeed with success. So I’ll have a go and see how lucky I am.

I’m running BL3 on LiteSpeed through HawkHost. It works fine, zero issues.

Yes, thanks. I also got it up and running after some problems getting my domain in place.
So maybe it is possible to add LiteSpeed as an option in system requirements?

@atotowi, thanks for the suggestion. We’ll look at mentioning that Backlight 3 can run on both LiteSpeed and Nginx. However we have limited ability to test and support on these environments, so our support is on a best-effort basis, so we will keep recommending Apache over others.