Assigning the same album to two album sets?

Hi, I am migrating my website from “hand-made” using Dreamweaver to Backlight 3. To do this, I develop a test site on my Synology diskstation which works fine. To maintain the structure of my original site, I have to assign the same album to two different album sets, but don’t know if and how this is possible within Backlight.
The background is that I order galleries in Lightroom according to years, e. g. “2019 Galleries”, “2018 Galleries” etc. and within these gallery sets by location, e. g. “Gallery Loacation A”, “Gallery Location B” etc. Now I would like to assign my galleries to two album sets, one is “Galleries by Year” and the other “Galleries by Location”. I could upload my pictures from Lightroom twice using two different structures, but this would use up a lot of time and disk space. Any suggestions are very welcome!

As is, you would have to publish the album to each set, there’s no way for two sets to share the same album.

But there may be a way (or not) to create such sets with the JSON API

I’ve not really explored the possibilities, mainly because it’s currently above my skills, but maybe Matt or Daniel would have some insight as to whether what you want to do is possible.

The JSON mirrors the structure of albums within sets; you could manually grab an album from one set and merge it into another, but that’s assuming you can code it.