Automatic slideshow

I have donne an home page with a single image via an Full-screen Page Template for Home
Is it possible to have an automatic slideshow ?
Thank’s for your fantastic job

Yes, if you’re using Pangolin.
If so, create either a Vegas slideshow album using the Theater add-on or create a slideshow using the Galleria add-on.
Then insert the slideshow album into the page.

If you’re using Kookabura, then perhaps this from @Daniel would work for you:

Hi Ben, thank’s

I have created as you suggested an album template using vegas slide show using pangolin theater. This album is integrated in the home page using an home page template dedicated to the home page. How put the image How to place the image above the white sqare. See image. (I tried to used the command (Location above the content in Page Settings/ Insert Album/). Many thank’s for your help.

Not exactly sure why the image is not showing correctly. The album itself looks just like the Home page.
One thing I noticed is the file names being used. One of them is bronces@cabines-1.jpg.
File names should not contain special characters. Only letters, numbers, dashes, or underscores.

try removing or renaming any files containing special characters.

Is the Vegas slide show type In-line or Full Screen?

If you intend it to be a full-screen slide show, then first create a full-screen page template for it to live in.

If you don’t want it to be a full screen show, then change the type (in the Theater template>Presentation>Vegas slide show> Type) to in-line.

Thanks, the images are named correctly. however, I loaded new images with the same result. What does the large white area represent?

That’s the copy area. My guess is that your slide show template is set to Full Screen. (see my edited response above)