Background troubles

Hi All,
I not able to change the back ground colour of any pages.
Minimal Dark Start Pangolin Page.

any help appreciated.

Make sure you’ve assigned your page template to your pages, album set template, and album template.

Try clearing template cache from your Backlight Special Links page

Try clearing browser cache.

Can you share a link to the site?

Hi Rod,
Thanks for the advice.

Seems a browser problem.

Have cleared everything in cache etc from firefox browser & backlight cache too. logged out every where and still white background :frowning:

Checked chrome on pc, background correct.
Checked firefox private window on pc & normal window on mobile, background is correct.

Not sure why i cant clear pc firefox properly.
Noticed while logging in & reloading backlight a cart error box (no photos available) shows up. (even though no cart errors now). Something is lingering about.

Thanks again.

I’m currently looking with Safari iOS. All pages have a dark background

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