Backlight 2 and TTG Publisher


I have a question. I still worked with Backlight 1 and was happy, but now I have to upgrade because of PHP.

Because I bought Version 2 in the past I want to use that one first. The downloadable TTG-Publisher is the newest one, right? Is that still working with Backlight 2?

And is that TTG-Publisher also still working with Lightroom 6?

Thanks a lot, Kai

I believe the latest Publisher will work with BL 2 and will be compatible with LR6. But give it a try.

Hi Rod.

Thanks a lot for info!

Hi Kai, sorry I’ve just seen your email about Backlight 1 compatibility. Are you going to upgrade your BL1 site to BL2?

All LR Publisher plugins are backward-compatible throughout all preceding versions of Backlight, and even back to CE4. That means that for a BL2 site, any Publisher from Backlight 2 through to Backlight 5 will be compatible with it. This is not bi-directional though. For example, the BL2 publisher will either be incompatible with Backlight 5 sites or not provide all of the new features.