Backlight 2 - can't change text for passcode on album

Apologies for this being a BL2 question - I’ve got a BL3 upgrade ready to do but waiting until things quieten down before I make changes to my site.

I’m trying to change the text that’s displayed when an album is protected with a passcode. The text says “This album is protected; please log in” and I need it to be more descriptive.

I’ve changed the text in admin/settings/languages/manage language/protected login screen - but the text isn’t updating.

Tried logging out of BL, restarting safari, clearing cache, republishing the album but it won’t update. The reason I need to change this is because I have a large event to photograph on Sunday and I want to keep the gallery locked while photos are updating - customers are confused when they see a simple login message so I need to give them more information as to why the album is temporarily locked.

If anyone could advise please that would be great - alternatively is there any custom CSS that could overwrite this text?


Hi Steve, has your site been upgraded from BL1 or even CE4? If so there may be some old settings for languages that weren’t removed. Can you share a Backlight admin login via direct message so that I can look into this?

Hi Steve, please see my reply to your direct message.

There seems to be an issue with this message. It looks to be saved as part of the cached template rather than updated dynamically for each page view. In the mean time, if you update this field again, visiting Designer > Template > Clear Template Cache should cause the new value to be applied. I’ll look to fix this stickiness of the field.