Backlight 2 help

Hello, I was wondering if I can get some help with a publish issue in Backlight 2 ? Wanted to change the ‘album set’ cover image to an image from within an album which is in that set, but the album images are not showing as available to pick.( either in LR or web publisher ) The album is published though in the set and the images are showing on the web page.
but wanted to change the set image on ‘newborns’ to the image first image called “Charlie” in the newborn boys
It’s odd why this problem has just appeared

You can’t select an image from a different top-level gallery. For your ‘portfolio’ album-set, you need to use an image that is part of your portfolio and not from ‘/galleries’.

Hi Daniel, I don’t think I explained the problem very well. The image ‘Charlie’ is in a gallery ‘newborn boys’. This gallery is in the ‘album set’ ‘newborns’ I can change the album set cover image to any image that is in any gallery under this set. The problem is none of the images in newborn boys is showing as an option. All other images in the other galleries newborn girls, family photos, close ups and twin and triplets are available to set as the set image of ‘newborns’

have you tried clicking on Update Album Files under Soecial Links?

Hi Rod, I found the problem ! looks like my other half renamed the slug in LR to a different name. So I left it blank and let it rename itself. Republished again and now the particular gallery has all the images available.