Backlight 2 Internal Error Message

After using Backlight 2 for a long time without issues, today, on attempting to create a new Gallery, I received this message: An Internal Error Has Occurred. JSON.lua:458: JSON.lua:197: can’t parse JSON at char 1 of: Unable to find the SQLite module. Backlight requires the PDO, SQLite and XML modules. Make sure that these modules are installed and enabled.

Can someone help please. Please note that I am not very skilled at the file setup!


Has your hosting company made any changes?

Can you log into Backlight?

If so, from the Dashboard, can you click on the View PHP Info link? What version is being run.
Also click on the PHP Modules link and see if any of the modules mentioned in the error message are there. If they are not, try contacting your hosting company and ask them if they’ve been turned off recently and if they can reinstate them.
This could also just be a temporary problem at your host’s end. But it would be worth contacting their tech support.

Thank you Rod!

It turns out I am blocked from logging in by the same error - the inability to find the SQLite module. I’ll check with my service provider.

Just to close this off, the service provider fixed the problem with their current (new) PHP build and all is well again. Thanks!

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Good to hear. Thanks for letting us know.