Backlight 2 Menu

Under my Info menu I want to have a drop down menu for two seperate pages, similar to the Galleries page.

At present the two pages are side by side, rather than underneath the menu title



I’m not sure what you’re getting at.
I see drop-downs from your galleries menu item and I see drop downs from your Info menu item.
Did you want more sub-menu items coming off the item in your Info drop down?

Hi Rod,

What I was hoping to achieve is in this order: Info > Print > Licensing so that the sub menu’s are under each other, vertically, rather than horizontal.

I hope this makes sense.

in your menu set, place Licensing under the Print item rather than inside of it.
In other words, don’t click the Add button that’s in the same colored box a the Prints item is in. Click on the Add button that’s in the white box the the Info item is in.

Thanks Rod…It just worked!

Your continuing help is very much appreciated.