Backlight 3 and Lightroom publish plugin gone bad

I have used the lightroom publisher client respons plugin for nearly 10 years without any serious problem, but now within the last few weeks - all the icons in the clients page with images is dissapeared and I get an error message at the end of publishing a gallery. Also the galleries are missing images

I have NO idea of what to do and how to do ???

Best regards

You may be running into a compatibility issue between the php version your host is using and Backlight 3.
What version of php is your host using? You can find out in Backlight by going to Admin > View PHP info. (I think it’s there, it’s been awhile since BL3)

If your site is running on php 8, there may be a compatibility error You could try reverting to an earlier version of php. You may be able to do this from your host’s C-Panel or you may have to call them.

(Or you could just upgrade to BL5 as it’s compatible with the latest php)

If you don’t want to mess with that, then @Ben will likely need to take a look. You can save time by messaging him BL Admin and FTP login credentials. Click on his name above and then click the Message button.

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As Rod suggests, you should determine whether your host has moved you to a new version of PHP. If that is the case, then your options are:

  • access your hosting cPanel; if the option is available to you, you can downgrade to a lower version of PHP, probably 7.x; else,
  • ask your host to downgrade your PHP version to a compatible version;
  • if stuck on PHP 8, you will need to upgrade to Backlight 5.

The latter case because ongoing compatibility support for newer PHP versions is one of the features of keeping up with the latest version of Backlight. We do not retrofit older versions of Backlight to accommodate versions of PHP that did not exist contemporarily with that version.

If the PHP version is not the issue, then @Ben will need to investigate further.

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Hi @kenneth, 500 Internal Errors are difficult to diagnose, because it could be anything at all going wrong on your server. Can you look via FTP to see whether there are any error log files (possibly named error_log)? There may be one at the top of your website, such as inside the public_html folder, or within a logs folder.

If that doesn’t shed any light on it, can you provide with with FTP access so that I can try to work out the issue. The best way would be by clicking on my profile name here, followed by ‘Message’.

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Thanks alot for your fast responce to help - I’m really greatfull
As I don’t understand anythjing of all this, I’ve contacted Ben directly

Hi @kenneth, please see my reply about the FTP credentials not working for me.

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Thank you so much for the help you have given me, especially Ben who has dog deeper into this.
I can see that there is no way to make backlight 3 work with php 8.x - so I will instead update to Backlight 5.
Can anyone tell me is I also need to upgrade the Client Responce Module or if I can use the one from vers. 3
Thank you

I don’t think you do.
After upgrading to BL5, look on your Backlight Modules page, you should then see that there are updates available for any add-ones you already own.
See this blog post: Backlight 5 is now available – The Turning Gate

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Thanks a lot Rod :blush: I appriciate your input :slight_smile:

I have upgraded to Backlight 5 - problem with icons is solved, but the main problem with upload error is still here
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Did you reply to Ben’s message above?

I think that I have replied to everything , asked for :slight_smile: as far as I have understood what he is asking for :slight_smile:

He mentioned above the ftp credentials not working

Did you also download and install the latest Lightroom Publisher from your Backlight Modules page?

Yes, I did that too :slight_smile:

I have been sending a few emails to Ben, but it seems that he do not recieve them ?
(with errorlogs) :slight_smile:

Hi Kenneth, I had looked at the logs but hadn’t yet got back to you. I’ve replied to your email.