HELP! My site is dead in the water!!! I tried to follow the directions for upgrading from BL4 to BL5 and it went terribly south. I have junk. No site. I should have done this sooner, but I’ve been crazy busy. Now my site is crazy dead.

Can you list exactly what you did for the upgrade?
You should have only needed to go to your existing Backlight Modules page and click on the Update All link.

Carp. I misread the fine manual. Thought I was supposed to upload the installer for the upgrade. It’s been a long time since I did an upgrade. Hang on, I’m restoring yesterday’s site (BL4) backup…

Thanks for the quick response!

Rod, code this one down as, “User Shot Himself In The Left Foot and the Other Left Foot” aka, “DUMDONKEY.” Restored the Backlight directory and site came back, then I logged into Backlight admin and I see the BL5 modules now available for updating. I accidentally restored both the /public_html directory (which restored ./backlight as well as restore account, which will take longer. Once that’s done, I’ll update the modules. I somehow snagged an old document or misread, or simply needed dinner, and well, there’s a reason I don’t wear a holster.

But you had a backup!

As the saying goes, “Stuff* Happens”

*not the real word :wink:

Yeah, GoDaddy did something right for a change…

which is timely for me. I thought my Bluehost account included backups. I don’t see that now and need to ask them about it.
In an abundance of caution, I’m now downloading my Backlight database and custom folders

:rofl: Neither is DUMDONKEY…

I was going to switch to Bluehost a long time ago, but didn’t because they didn’t have email support. Then I paid for several years of hosting+email from GD and they unilaterally stopped providing email service. Then some while back I heard Bluehost didn’t do well with something Backlight related and so I stuck with the dark lord. I should probably go buy a lottery ticket tonight, as I got someone in tech support with no wait!

Man, I wish I had pressed the EASY button in the first place. Site upgraded to 5.1.0 in no time flat (well, ok, about a minute and a half).

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I’m also a bluehost customer. Can somebody recommend a good way to back up my site? I have a lot of photos, so a local backup is probably not a good idea (would take up too much bandwidth probably). Or maybe I could backup just the infrastructure without the photos. Thx in advance!

To back up everything but the photos, you can download the data/ folder as well as your custom/ folder (if using any customizing features)

More here:

Bluehost does offer site backup services. For a fee.

Many thanks Rod. Will backing up backlight/custom and backlight/data also include any cart setups I have, or is that somewhere else?

that’s all stored in the database, so yes.

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