Backlight Add-on: Cart errors

Just bought “chart”
The button “edit properties” in Pricing Scheme does not work.

get this message

Call to undefined method PricingSchemeEntity::getProducts()|#0 /volume1/web/p9/backlight/modules/module-framework/controllers/Controller.php(58): CartAdminController->edit_pricing_scheme(‘1’, ‘view’) #1 /volume1/web/p9/backlight/modules/module-framework/models/Dispatchable.php(136): Controller->dispatch(Array) #2 /volume1/web/p9/backlight/modules/module-framework/Framework.php(78): Dispatchable->dispatch() #3 /volume1/web/p9/backlight/index.php(32): Framework->route() #4 {main}|URL: /backlight/index.php

When I pick images in the chart and click on view chart I get

Something went wrong
Unable to find pageTemplate with ID 1. Try updating the selected template for the application. in EngineFactory.php on line 36


@Ben I’m seeing errors when clicking the Edit Products button in Pricing Schemes as well as when clicking Properties while editing a pricing scheme.

Have you assigned a page template in Cart Settings > Personalisation > Cart Template?

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Uppdatet and ok

So we can consider this issue closed now?

No, I still get still the error messages mentioned above

Thanks for raising this. I have put in a fix. Please visit the Backlight Modules page and click reinstall for module-cart.

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Since this is a different issue, can you repost this under its own topic?
And since @Ben will need to look into it and may need Backlight admin access, you can save some time by messaging the credentials to him. Just click on his name and then the blue message button to send him a private message.