Backlight and WordPress

Hi, I recently built a website using Backlight 2, I have an additional page from my old website that contains a list of exhibitions that I need to update and link to my Backlight Website.
Can WordPress be used to update this webpage and link to my Backlight site? If yes, could you send me to a support page that would describe how to implement in WordPress?
Thanks, Paul

Not quite sure what you’re trying to do.
You can just provide a link to your exhibits page if all you need is for your visitors to access it.
Or are you asking if WordPress can update a Backlight page?

Yes, this could be done with Wordpress. But if it is only a single page, you can add one in Backlight > Designer > Pages > Create New Page and add the list of your exhibitions. This is much easier.

Thanks for that good suggestion.
BTW - when I set up my Backlight website in September 2020, there was a link with detailed directions on how to set up albums, pages etc on the Backlight site. I can no longer find those directions. Please advise.

here’s the link to the documentation

If you have specific questions, go ahead and create new topics

Thanks for sending.

Check your exhibit page. You have two </h2> tags and one </div> tag tin the exhibit titles hat you don’t need and they screw up your page layout.

This is the most amazing customer service experience I can remember having. Are you psychic?
You sent me the solution without my even asking for help. How is that possible?
What motivated you to look at my exhibits page that I just set up yesterday PM?

BTW - deleting the extra was sufficient to correct the formatting issue.

Hi Daniel,

As you suggested, I removed the and tags, which corrected the formatting of the top menu but “Shilling Productions” is still in the wrong place as well as © 2016 - 2021, all rights reserved. Any ideas how to correct?
Thanks again, Paul

Hey Paul,

I was just curious to see how your site looks… and noticed the tag issues. Currently, you are missing a </strong> tag at the end. This hopefully fixes the footer issue.

Personally, I would remove all the <strong> tags. And since you define the font weight for <strong> to be 400, the same as for regular text, it doesn’t provide a visual clue.

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It also looks like there’s a closing </p> missing. Looks like it should go after the place where you need a closing </strong> tag. There’s an opening tag after “Photography Exhibits” but looking at the page source code, I can’t find the closing tag. There should be one right after:
"International Exhibition of Photography, San Diego County Fair, Del Mar, CA. 2000 - 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2017, 2018 "

(this may be why your footer is at the top of the page and the masthead is out of place)

And, as a suggestion, I’d change those large font headings to actual headings:

<h2 style="color:#99ccff;">Jewelry Exhibits</h2>


<h2 style="color:#ccccff;">Photography Exhibits</h2>

Thanks to both of you. Adding tag at the end fixed the issue.