Backlight - Basic Getting Started Question

I purchased and downloaded Backlight to my iMac, and I purchased a domain name and web hosting plan from Godaddy. Now, I’m ready to start building my website. I’m very new at this, so I’m watching the “Backlight, First Look” video on Youtube. At the beginning of the video, Matt says “So, in front of us right now is my web space. As you can see, it is completely Empty. We’re going to change that …”

How do I get to the screen showing my new, empty web space?



I haven’t reviewed that video lately to be sure, but my guess is that’s just an empty galleries page.
He’s looking at Backlight in one browser window and his web site in another browser window.

Have you installed Backlight on the server yet?

At that point in the video, I’m just looking at my “website” in a browser, and there are literally no files there (so it’s actually not a website, but just the empty space where I website should be).

With a new GoDaddy setup, that would be equivalent to whatever GoDaddy puts at by default, before you delete or replace those files with your own.

My question is not what is there, but rather how do you get there. I am trying to install Backlight, but I haven’t figured out how to get to the place where I do that.

Let me try again. Starting from scratch, with no windows or browsers open, what steps do I take to install Backlight? I’m not getting it from the video.


Have you gone through the Installation documentation?
Besides the instructions, you’ll find a video on installation