Backlight interface - iOS browser

I’m trying to use chrome or safari on iPadOS 16 to configure backlight. Some menu choices seem to work fine.

Others like the admin menu fail to. Display the sub menu items.

Has anyone else had this experience?

I cleared the page’s cache but still no luck.

Any help appreciated.


For me, the admin section works the same in Chrome iOS as it does in Safari iOS

Thanks for the info. I wonder what is going on with my iPad?

My iPad is on 16.3. I usually use Safari when accessing Backlight so I don’t recall if Backlight in Chrome hasn’t worked correctly in the past.
I don’t suppose you could share a screen shot of what’s happening.

Here ya go


This looks normal to me, but I could be missing something. Which Admin sub-menus are you missing?

In the second pic, the client field option does not open to any data. It just closes.

I can get to that screen on my iPad using Chrome.

And I can see the client fields I’ve added. What’s weird is that I can no longer find where I added them. Thought it might be like adding additional fields in Cart or part of the Client Fields page. I just don’t remember.
@Ben is going to need to weigh in on this.

OK, so it sounds like you are seeing some weirdness. Things aren’t consistent and I don’t know why not. let’s see what Ben has to say.


To be clear, I’m not seeing any weirdness on my iPad. The Client Fields thing has me baffled no matter if I’m visiting on mobile or desktop.
And that might just be me missing something.

do you want to see if my instance of backlight shows properly on your screen?

do you have my email?

I don’t have your email, but you can send credentials to me by just clicking on my name and then the blue message button.
I’ll be happy to take a look

Try rotating to the iPad to portrait orientation.

In my experience, using Backlight on an iPad has not presented a problem. But it’s not an experience we’ve spent much time or effort perfecting. Some views may not be ideal.