Backlight Template Masthead Issues

I’m having some issues with my masthead in the Backlight templates

• I can’t get the hyperlink to stop (I don’t want the masthead to link anymore)
• I tied to upload a logo for the masthead but nothing happened. The type masthead remained.




Looks like you’re putting the site title in the top pallet.
If you want to put an image logo in the top pallet, (Like you have the text masthead now), you’ll need to use PHPlugins.

Otherwise, for regular mastheads:

Unlink the masthead in your page template under the Masthead tab:

Have you enabled a graphic masthead logo in the page template, also in the Masthead tab?

If you’ve done all this and you can’t apply an image, then how are you uploading your masthead logo?
Are you using a jpg or png?

Matt has a blog post all about the Masthead that may help:

That worked great. Whare do I control the dark masthead bar in the photo

It looks like that’s the navigation background. If you’re not going to have any navigation on those kinds of albums, disable navigation in the page template.

Disabling the horizontal navigation will force the vertical navigation to be used; then disable the vertical navigation, and you should have no navigation at all. Horizontal and Vertical are both sections in the navigation controls.