Backlight V1 Lightroomn Setup

I am still currently on Backlight 1. I had to Re-install my Lightroom Classic V9 App. and saw that the Backlight Plugin was no longer there. I am having problems setting up the plugin as it is not recognising the API details that I have. Where can I find the correct details needed?

Have you reinstalled the TTG Publisher plugin?

Create an API key and enter it in both Backlight Settings and the API key field in the TTG Publisher Plugin

Yes I reinstalled the TTG Publisher plugin and get this reply ¨It appears that the API URL does not point to the publisher API. Ensure that the URL finishes with ‘publisher/’.".

My URL in my Backlight Settings is but I am not sure where the API Key is shown in Backlight Settings or where I need to change it?

Your API URL in the Publisher plugin should be:

The API key in Backlight is entered in Settings under Publisher:

You need to add the same API key in the TTG Publisher settings:


sorry, I accidentally linked one document twice above, this is the TTG Publisher documentation:

Thanks for that all set up and running :wink: