Backlight version 1.2.1

I have backlight 1.2.1 .I want to upgrade to backlight 3 .Do i loose all plugins like teater ,client responce , and cetera?Or have to bey them all again ?

If i bey Backlight 3 .How do i instal without loosiing templates and …?

Greetz Bob

Yes, you will need to purchase the new versions of the add-ons

here are the update instructions. Note that you need to be using Backlight 1.2.2 or later to be able to update:

I don’t know if the last version of BL1 is still available (Matt will need to comment on this).You may need to start from scratch if it’s not.

But assuming you can first upgrade to 1.2.2 or later:

Your page and standard album templates will be preserved in the upgrade process.
If you were using Okapi page templates, you can still use them for standard pages and standard albums.
Okapi page templates won’t work with the BL3 add-ons though.

If you were using Pangolin page templates, they will work with the new add-ons.

You will need to make new album templates for any add-ons.

Backlight 1 users are able to download the final version of Backlight 1, and you should update your installation before attempting the upgrade to Backlight 3.

You will need to repurchase the latest add-ons for Backlight 3. However, this is now a one-time purchase, and your new add-ons will be upgraded for free alongside future Backlight upgrades (this applies to add-on upgrades from Backlight 2 onward).

If you are using the Okapi (a.k.a. “standard”) series modules in Backlight 1, you will be able to utilize these in Backlight 3; however, you would be missing out on many of the improvements Backlight 3 brings. The Okapi templates are provided for transitioning purposes only, and you should make it a high priority to move to the Pangolin series modules as soon as possible. The pangolin series was originally released mid-life for Backlight 1, so you already have access to these; hopefully you’re already using them.

I do believe that’s all of the relevant info.

thanks for the answer.

is it possible to send me the update 1.2.2…?
I have now version 1.2.1


Bob Goos

Do you still have your order email or any of the update emails? If so, you can use the link in those emails to download the last BL 1 version (1.2.4)
The last BL1 update email I got was in Jan 2018, if that helps in your searching.

sorry ,

dont find a email with this update .maybe i earache this mail.

Is there a possibilety to redsend it ?


If you have any email relating to the order (like your original order email), you can use that link. Otherwise, Matt will need to take care of it for you…

@Bobgo If you need me to locate your order history, please DM me your full name and any email addresses you might have used to purchase Backlight.

[redacted by admin]

Bob, I said to DM me; that’s Direct Message. Meaning, I didn’t want you posting your personal information in the public forum.