Backlog update from version 4 to version 5

Hi, I have backlight 4 running and want to update to backlight 5. I did not see where to purchase an update vs the full software, so i purchased the full thing for backlight 5. When it comes to installing the update, is it possible to just go into admin/update and update all somehow or do I need to re-upload the new version to the directories below ?

… I was half expecting the admin module might recognize my purchase and update with a mouse click - similar to a minor update; but on that screen it still shows Available Version as 4.1.3x, etc … I am pretty sure the answer to this basic question must be made obvious somewhere but I hunted around and could not find it.

I.e - do I need to re-update the below from the send-owl files -



That’s exactly how it’s done

It will if you use the same email address that you originally used to purchase. If you used a different email, you can send a message to @Matthew by clicking on his name and then the blue message button. He can updated your order so email addresses match.