Before and After

In CE4 Stage one had the ability to do a Before and After with simple click of the mouse or tap of the screen. This provides the current client and potential clients a very impressive “wow” experience. I do quite a few image restorations and have had clients send out the link to their images to friends, which resulted in more business for me. The Juxtapose is ok, but requires the client to move the slider line which distracts from the overall image and user experience. I have showed both methods to number of clients and all preferred the CE4 implication of Before and After. Any chance of this being reintroduced? Thanks!

Update: I came up with a work around for this using the Theater plugin and the Vegas Slideshow. Each album has just 2 images, the before and after images. The repeating slideshow is set to auto with about 5 seconds in between their rotation. I used captions for the before and after labels.