Best options for switching to backlight publishing

The improvements in Backlight have me seriously planning to make this move. Any guidance appreciated. My site is

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What sort of guidance? Anything specific?

I’ve set things up not all in the /Galleries. Instead all my photos currently in the web are in other directories at the same level. If I want to keep the same structure, how do I proceed. If I want to nuke and pave, do I break down the existing albums and albums sets in Lightroom in and orderly way?

Just stop using Lightroom and start using Backlight Publisher. When you go to /backlight/publisher, you should see all your top-level galleries. From there you can browse to your album and add/delete images as you desire. There is no need to delete anything. Just don’t use Lr Publisher anymore.


There is an option in the Album Settings to change album management from Lightroom to Backlight.
In Backlight, go to Publisher. Click on the name of an album that is managed by Lightroom.
Click on Edit album.
Scroll down to the Advanced Settings. You’ll find the option there.
Once an album is under Backlight control you can move it to a new parent set within the top-level set.


I’ll need to set up the the watermarks in Backlight instead of Lightroom, correct?

Depends. you could export your images from Lightroom with watermarks before uploading using Backlight Publisher.
But if you’ll need unwatermarked images (to sell as downloads, for instance), then leave the watermarking up to Backlight.

Thank you for the responses. The process looks more straight forward than I imagined.