Better flow to pages

I have this site ( ) and I’ve been developing it for the past few years.
It’s a sort of a reference to the stage design documentation I’ve been doing for the last thirty years or so. The section “SCÉNOGRAPHIES” contains the theater production houses. Each button leads to that theater’s seasons that I have shot. Each of these buttons, of course leads to the plays put on that season. And finally, each play’s button leads to large photographs of that production. Long-winded, I think.
Recently, I stumbled upon this page: There is an idea here. If you click on any of the thumbnails, you get to a page with larger images that you can scroll down to see the whole collection of. Could I implement such a device with Backlight 4? I can see this with each production’s large images, instead of going back and forth in order to see them all.
Just wondering…

Have a look at the Essay presentation introduced with Backlight 4.1. This provides a single page with many big images:

Thank you, Daniel.
I’ve never seen this ESSAY module. I’ll look into it. Hope I can integrate it into my site layout …

It was a big part of the Backlight 4.1 release. I guess you didn’t read our newsletters or blog posts?

Just goes to show: read the newsletter!

I mean, that’s what I hope for when I write them! :sweat_smile: