Bilingual album titles

Is there a way to have bi-lingual album titles? I tried to use
<div data-lang="fr">BESTIAIRE</div><div data-lang="en">BESTIARY</div> in Backlight/Publisher/Galleries/Albums/Title but alas, that’s too easy, so it doesn’t work.
And in the language management section, there is no provision for this sort of thing.
Same problem with the thumbnails.

Titles as well as thumbnail captions cannot contain html.

Your best option is to put the words in the title: BESTIAIRE/BESTIARY

Hm. I would be nice if we could, though. @Ben would be the one to determine whether there’s any way we can support HTML, or a subset of HTML, in those fields. I’m not sure whether it would break things anywhere else if we were able to support it. Or if we could support a syntax solution, like:



Hi @Matthew, that’s something to look into. It would largely depend on how natural a fit the location of the text is for further processing. That would usually be best for something that supports Markdown, but this field wouldn’t.