Bizarre behavior?

In testing my new site I have just discovered something very odd. I am using the Galleria add-on on my site

I’ve just discovered that the full screen icon does not work on any gallery in Safari on an iPad, but works fine with Safari on an iMac and iPhone. It works fine on Chrome on all 3 devices. I have tested this with identical results on both my site and one that a friend of mine built with Backlight/Galleria. I’ve tested this on 2 different iPads as well.

So the behavior seems to be very targeted to the latest versions of Safari and iOS for iPad.

Any ideas?

Every browser has it’s own implementation of the full-screen API, and some of them are incomplete. You can ready more about it here:

In particular, mind the Browser Compatibility section.

Also bear in mind that Galleria itself sits at version 1.6.1, released in October 2019. I think the various browsers had not at that time fully implemented the full-screen API even as documented on that page, meaning that Galleria is probably only a partial implementation.

With the downturn in the use of jQuery, on which Galleria is built, I would not expect them to improve on this.

In terms of Backlight development, Kookaburra is also abandoning jQuery and the Galleria Add-on will remain exclusive to the Pangolin modules. The conclusion to draw from that is we’re categorizing it as a legacy presentation type.

Thanks for the reply Matthew. I see in their compatibility section that Safari definitely has some issues with fullscreen mode. Too bad it’s still relatively widely used.

Do you think Kookaburra will offer some kind of fullscreen mode or is this functionality sort of doomed to be risky because of problems with browsers not supporting it consistently and/or properly?

I am not able to make any promises about what Kookaburra will or will not do, as much of it is still up in the air. I’m focused now on solidifying the foundation. But the current lightbox solution has full-screen functionality, so there’s some room there for me to explore.