BK4 Downloads

With BK4 we have a new download option.

I have an album template which uploads images into “photos-for-download” but the download button is only downloading the thumbnail images and not the ones in the “photos-for-download” folder?

If you click the thumbnail to display the image the “download Icon” downloads the image in the “photos-for-download” folder, which is what I expected the download button to do?

After some testing, it seems that the new “Download button” and the “download Icon” on the single image are two separate things which seem an odd decision.

  1. Advance setup, “Custom download renditions” relates to the single image download icon.

  2. Image renditions, “Photos” relates to the new download button.

Can the new download button just map back to the folder “photos-for-download” which would seem to make more sense.

See this topic

If you need to provide an option to download all hi-res images at once, you currently still need to create a zip folder of those images, upload it to your server, and create a link to it in the album text.

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Hi Rod,

Thanks for the reply, but i’m really trying to find out why the Download button isn’t linking to the “photos-to-download” folder

Which download button? the one in the Client Response gallery or the one for the individual images?

If it’s the button in Client Response albums to download zipped photos, Ben explains that in the topic I linked to above. (and also mentions he’s working on it for a BL update)

If it’s the download button for individual images, then a link to an album would help. And maybe screen shots of your settings.

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Hi Rod,

Seems a strange option to download from “photos” rather than “Photos-to-Download” so I’ll wait for the update from Ben?

like I said, Ben explains the reasoning behind that choice. Using “photos-for-download” might not work at all, depending on download limits set by your host and the number of images you allow for downloads.

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